Teachers’ Newest Frontier – Technology

When considering what teachers can do to prepare students for a world where technology skills are immensely important, the teachers’ competency in technology is often overlooked. As a site technician for my school, I work with teachers who have a broad range of skills. Some teachers are confident enough to be exposed to a new program and “run with it” on their own to make it work for them. There are also several teachers who react to all things technology as if it is some kind of foreign language that they will never understand. My people skills are consistently put to the test to coax and convince peers that there are valuable resources out there that will prove their value with some investment of time. Alas, time is the highest currency for the teachers of today and they are not willing to part with their time without an assurance of some kind of compensation. Generally, convincing these teachers that the potential value of these resources is compensation enough for their hard earned “currency” is possible.

I found this article on how teachers need to infuse technology into their practice and their students’ learning, and it provided a terrific resource for teachers to enable themselves to use available technology, with suggestions for best practices utilizing these new programs and websites. The website is 21 Things for the 21st Century Educator. It provides 21 lessons/activities that will prepare teachers to infuse technology into their instruction. I can see using this website to help teach teachers how to use technologies, not only at our building, but also district wide. Upon first “surf”, it seems highly appropriate, relevant, and manageable for anyone that can read and use a mouse. The links are provided again below.

21 Things: Kinder, Gentler Tips for Effective Technology Infusion by Johanna Riddle

21 Things for the 21st Century Educator


~ by Craig Brewer on May 2, 2010.

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