Race to the Top and Core 24 Discussion

I agree with the general ideas behind both the Obama Administration’s Race to the Top Initiative and Washington State Board of Education’s Core 24 graduation framework. I’ll begin with my thoughts on Race to the Top.

Race to the Top

In July of 2009, President Obama announced the Race to the Top initiative to improve the educational services provided to the children of the United States through a competitive series of grants. It is my understanding that even the so called “losers” in the competition for money will benefit through participating in this program where data and reform will be the driving force for the grants, since they will be collecting data and focusing on their standards as well.

Core 24

Core 24 is a new framework for graduation requirements for Washington State students where they will need 24 credits to graduate, and will be given the chance to choose a track that will help them reach their goals for after high school. I like how students now have a choice other than going to college, where they can choose courses that help them get into a trade after school. This seems a more realistic framework for students to set goals since having every student entering college is not realistic.


~ by Craig Brewer on May 2, 2010.

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