My Problem Statement

What is it that frustrates me most, or that I see as one of the major problems I face in my instructional context?

Two things jump right out at me. Number one, the reluctance of some teachers to embrace the available technology we have at our school. Number two, I feel that our school has a lot of room for improvement for family involvement in the children’s education, and that using proper technology can really improve this issue.

One thing I’ve begun this year is a website workshop for teachers at our school every Wednesday after school. I have added computers to our computer lab from a todtal of 15 computers to 30 (thanks to the willingness and cooperation of teachers donating one of their student computers) and plan on changing the focus of the after school technology workshops toward how to use the available technology at our school as the year progresses.

I also want to help increase parent teacher communication and family involvement in our school through the use of technology such as websites, Wikis, and Voicethreads.


~ by Craig Brewer on November 22, 2009.

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