This is a Tale of a dog named Andy: Video Created in Windows Movie Maker

This is a video I created using Windows Movie Maker and several still shots and video taken with a Canon Power Shot A560. For this project, I originally intended on creating a movie about the birds I have filmed and photographed with the same camera over the past few years. However, I realized as I was working on organizing and tagging my collection of digital photos that this would be a monumental task of passion which I would rather spend more time on. So I decided to used the available media that I had of my dog Andy, who we recently adopted last December, and have a lot of pictures of.

Originally, I intended for this project to also be edited with an online video editor, but the video editors I looked over (kaltura and motionbox) did not have the type of editing I was looking for. It sounds like has the type of online editing I was looking for. Motionbox at this time does not allow for audio editing or using still photos in the movies, so it, like kaltura, seems to be more of a place to keep your videos online.. Motionbox allows you to combine more than one video through their editor.

I ended up using Windows Movie Maker to create this video, and I really like the ease of use of the editor. I fooled around and included effects and some transitions, but I really liked that you could add a narrative audio text as well as an audio music track and have them both play at the same time.

The potential it has for use in the classroom is great. It gives kids the experience of using a storyboard and a timeline and would be a good experience for them to plan and put together a movie and see all that has to go in to the planning piece of it. In the library next year, I envision having kids create movies about themselves and some of their learning experiences in class. I’m excited to be able to offer more computers for students to work on and provide support to both teachers and students.


~ by Craig Brewer on July 25, 2009.

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