Multimedia in the Classroom

In researching methods of using multimedia in the classroom, I initially came across an article about the consideration of multimedia instruction. This is an interesting read if you are into examining different perspectives on education and media, and this article considers the behaviorist, cognitivist, and pragmatist approaches. Under the section titled “Practical Considerations”, I truly enjoyed this little nugget:

Multimedia instruction has an attractive, but ephemeral quality. Properly presented, it does offer the experiential nature of the optimal experience referred to as “flow.” However, it also brings with it the threat of amplifying trivia.

What’s wrong with amplifying trivia? Maybe there should be a consideration for a new addition to the Multiple Intelligences. The Trivial learner. I digress.

I did find a pretty useful website/course on implementing Multimedia in the Classroom provided by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology.  I think this is a pretty beneficial tool for teachers who feel they are just getting their feet wet using multimedia in the classroom. I feel the most important nugget of wisdom I received from this site, which is more of a solidifier/reminder of what’s important, is to know your goal before you plan out what you want the students to do. Also provided were some useful examples of ways to keep kids engaged when you don’t have enough “technology” for each student to use the technology at one time.

Here are a couple of other useful sites or sources of information to consider when using multimedia in the classroom.


~ by Craig Brewer on July 18, 2009.

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