My First Voicethread

Voicethread is a tool I’ve learned about from my Masters in Education – Technology, Curriculum, and Instruction program classes. It’s a web-based program that allows a user to publish a picture, slideshow, video, document, basically any kind of media, with the ability to comment on said media in 5 different ways. These include commenting through text, audio file upload, video, phone upload of audio, or recording of audio. The recording of audio and video commenting provide the opportunity for the commenter to doodle on the media as the comments are being played.

Any user with an account (free accounts are available) can then comment as well in any of the 5 methods previously described.

My first Voicethread was a presentation covering a Black History Month assembly put on by the 3rd grade classes at our school, including a recreation of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom from 1963, which concluded with several speeches including Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous I Have a Dream speech.

Here is a link: 3rd Grade March on Washington

My goal was to include text comments, and then record video of myself saying the text and doodling on top of that as well. Unfortunately, I got stuck on a road block of not being able to record video to comment through Voicethread due to some technical issue with my Microsoft webcam, and then I learned that I would not be able to embed the Voicethread into this blog, which was uber-frustrating for me at the time. In the end, I left this post alone and unfinished until today, even though I began it on March 15, about a month and a half ago. Since, I have signed up for an educational account at Voicethread, which only cost $60 for a whole year. I am in the process of preparing a voicethread that will focus on student examples of  mathematical thinking, allowing my students to comment. I plan on following this up with allowing my students to create their own, possibly creating a portfolio of their evidence of learning.


~ by Craig Brewer on May 2, 2009.

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