Grant Writing Reflection

Writing grants for technology in education, an endeavor I have never undertaken, seems to be a pretty daunting task. However, the benefits of an appropriate grant can reap extraordinary rewards, such as equipment, books, professional development, and even travel expenses to get to faraway trainings, including pay for a substitute to cover your class while you’re gone. Many grants are available to educators, and can be easily found with a few minutes of research on the internet. In my research, I first read up on a grant from OSPI (Washington state’s public school superintendent) called the Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century Program (TL21). OSPI provides two opportunites, webinars that provide technical assistance to prospective grant recipients. The grant application has a section for the applicant to describe available technology in use, previous experience with professional development and grant based professional development. There is also a scored applicant narrative section where the applicant describes their practice related to 5 categories: Technology Integration, Professional Development, Instructional Practice, Knowledge Sharing, and Rationale for Applying. Next there is a section that the applicant’s principal needs to fill out describing the school’s professional development strategy and how the principal will support the applicant. Before turning in the application, the signatures of the applicant, principal, and school district superintendent must be acquired. This particular grant can only be turned in to OSPI by mail or by hand, and two extra copies must be provided when turned in.

This is just one example, but it includes some basic requirements that seem to be standard for technology grant applications, especially the ones that provide the most funds.

A.) Previous experience with technology

B.)  Currently available technology

C.)  Plans on how the applicant will use the resources provided by the grant (justification/rationale)

D.)  Required signatures of superiors

In researching technology grants for education, I came across some valuable resources for potential grant applicants like myself.

Links to available grants:

Technology Grant News – Grant Index

National Education Association – Grant listing

Texas Instruments Educational Technology Funding Resources Page

Links to help with grant writing:

Texas Instrument Educational Technology Grant Writing

National Education Technology Consortium – Grants and grant writing


~ by Craig Brewer on May 2, 2009.

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