Podcasts are audio and video presentations that one can access through
the web or itunes, often through subscription. There are tons of
podcast types available: informational, entertainment, sports,
educational, and religious to name a few. Podcasts are also pretty easy
to create and share, as long as you have an audio or video recorder,
and a website to host it for others to enjoy at their leisure. Here are
some podcasts I find interesting.

    1. Lewis
Black’s Root of all Evil

    2. Democracy Now
    2. NPR’s
Sunday Puzzle

I enjoy Root of All Evil simply because I enjoy the comedy of one Lewis
Black. I heard on the radio what I thought was an apt comparison, which
was that Lewis Black rants can only be compared to those of Sam
Kinison, in terms of the style of delivery. DemocracyNow is a daily
news program hosted by Amy Goodman, a journalist whose strong
conviction regarding not only the power of the press, but also the
responsibility of the press as well in a democracy. Finally, I enjoy
listening to the Sunday Puzzle on NPR. There is usually a guest host
who poses questions to a listener who solved the difficult puzzle from
the previous Sunday, and then provides the difficult question for
listeners to ponder and send in their responses for the next week.


~ by Craig Brewer on February 8, 2009.

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