Wade Davis: Cultures at the far edge of the world

Central Revelation of anthropology: This world deserves to live in a diverse way. There are other ways of being, thinking. We all sing and dance in unique ways, yet have a shared cadence. Cultures have different realities and thus different cultures have many unique discoveries.

Language Loss: Flash of the human spirit. Of the 6,000 languages in use when we were born, roughly half are no longer used.

Languages are an example of the uniqueness of life’s existence.

Voodoo: Living relationship between the living and the dead. A way that the people of African descent managed to keep some of the characteristics of their homeland religion alive.

How do we enculturate our young into the values of our society?

The example of the people who avoided catastrophe of the tsunami.

Power threatens the integrity of the ethnosphere.

Ethnocide, the destruction of people’s way of life, is celebrated by today.

Can we resdiscover the possibility?

Can storytelling change the world better than politicians?


~ by Craig Brewer on January 10, 2009.

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