Sir Ken Robinson

Human Creativity

Notes on Sir Ken Robinson’s speech. Ideas that he shared that I felt were important or profound…

“Education – People’s own education runs deep with them, like religion and money


Children have extraordinary capacity.

All kids have tremendous talents. Creativity has the same importance as literacy, and should be treated as such.

Kids will take a chance. If they don’t know they will take a go. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original. Companies, and now educational systems are running in fear of mistakes.

Shakespeare was in somebody’s English class.

Education heirarchies – Math and Language at the top. Arts at the bottom.

University Professors live in their heads. One side as a matter of fact.

Educational systems came to meet the needs of industrialization.

Don’t do music you won’t be a musician. Benign advice.

Academic inflation.

Intelligence, it’s diverse, dynamic, and distinct.

Creativity, the ability to have original ideas of value.

New Conception of Human Ecology.

Our job is to help children make something of their future.”

Here is a link to which has several videos that may inspire you.


~ by Craig Brewer on November 1, 2008.

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