Computer Hardware MindMap

Computer Hardware

  • Multimedia Cards
    • Can improve visual or sound capabilities
    • Video or Sound Cards
  • Display
  • Wireless
    • Wifi
    • Bluetooth
    • Infrared Remote
  • Computer System
    • Motherboard
      • Central Nervous System
      • Connects all the metal parts of the computer
        • Processor
          • Single Core, Multicore, dual or 4 core
            • What does adding extra cores do?
            • Single Processor handles one job at a time
          • Brain
          • CPU – Central Processing Unit
        • RAM – Random Access Memory
          • Storage
          • Electronic
          • Erased when Computer turned off
          • Short Term Memory
          • What is used in the computing moment
          • Main memory for being most directly involved with running a program
        • Hard Drive
          • RAM writes to Hard Drive when you save it
          • Mechanical
          • Stores information when comp is off
          • Holds data
          • Holds info as positive and negative charges
          • Documents, pictures, music, and other types of files
          • Backup the files is important
        • Ports
          • USB
          • Firewire
            • Used more for higher bandwith
  • Software
    • Operating System

~ by Craig Brewer on November 1, 2008.

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